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Survey of India to aid National Mission for Clean Ganga using GIS technology

The National Mission for Clean Ganga has brought on board Survey of India to facilitate Ganga rejuvenation using GIS. To aid the mission, SoI will map the entire stretch of the Ganga using GIS technology and provide high-resolution maps to the government. SoI intends to complete the job within 15 months. The high-resolution maps so provided by SoI will help the government to get minute details of sewage and effluent discharge outlets and identify pollution hot-spots up to 10 km on both sides of the river. It will help the cleaning authorities to keep a tab on sources of pollution and adopt corrective measures quickly.

The NMCG has approved INR 86.84 crore for this work. It is part of the Mission’s latest approval of other key projects worth over INR 530 crore for five main Ganga stem basin states – Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. The project includes the use of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) technology, which includes accurate data collection.

Under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Girish Kumar, VSM, Surveyor General of India, the Survey of India (SoI) is all set to make a difference in the country and is planning to undertake interesting projects that will help it achieve that ambition.

Besides the Clean Ganga initiative the major projects that SoI plans to excel in the times to come include:

The National Hydrology Project: SoI is playing a significant role in the National Hydrology Project of the Ministry of Water Resources. The project involves gathering hydro-meteorological data, which will be stored and analyzed on a real-time basis. This is a World Bank aided project and envisages covering the entire country. Roughly, 8 lakh sq. km area will be covered under this project. Survey of India will provide data at 1:25,000 scale with digital elevation model with 3-5 meter accuracy.

As told by Lt. Gen. Kumar, “They have asked for very high-resolution elevation model with 0.5 meter accuracy for about 60,000 sq km. We will be conducting fresh surveys for all this work. Since the requirements are immediate and huge, we will be outsourcing it, and agencies will be selected on the basis of open bids.”

Project with Indian Meteorological Department (IMD): To make climate data more easily accessible and to maintain standards, Survey of India in association with IMD is developing a website where all climate data will be available. IMD provides all India weather forecast, all India weather warnings, extended range outlook, information about heat waves, marine weather etc.

Along with all these, SoI is actively reaching out several ministries and government agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, National Disaster Management Authority, Indian Railways etc. for helping them in varied projects. Recently, SoI also carried out a pilot project with the Government of Maharashtra using drone mapping. Lt. Gen.  Kumar says, “Now, we will take up mapping of 38,000 villages in the state. There are other such projects in the pipeline.”

Next on plate for SoI is the CORS [Continuously Operating Reference Station] network project. It is a very important project for the country. The proposal has been submitted to the government and SoI is awaiting the final nod. Lt. Gen. Kumar reassures by saying, “Though there is no in-principle disagreement at any level, we need to fine-tune certain requirements. I am confident of rolling out the project by the end of this year. CORS needs around INR 1,000-1,200 million to cover the entire country.”