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Satellite images show the impact of coronavirus in US

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread and create chaos all over the world. As of March 27, the coronavirus has affected more than 5,30,000 people in 176 countries and claimed more than 24,000 lives, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

The United States now has the most active coronavirus cases of any country in the world, passing Italy and China. While most states in the US are under lockdown but the number of new cases announced each day continues to climb.

A series of satellite images released by space company MAXAR Technologies shows how people in the United States are following social-distancing measures to stop the spread of the disease. The Coronavirus slowdown in the US is visible in satellite images. Places like airports, shopping malls, highways, theme parks, and famous tourist attractions are all deserted now.

Let’s have a look at the before and after satellite images showing the slowdown of economic and human activity.


101 Highway interchange, downtown Los Angeles, California
Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California
Pikes Peak Shuttle Parking, Denver International Airport, Colorado
Salt Lake City International Airport Terminal, Utah
Long Beach container yard, California
Santa Monica State Beach, California
Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree, Colorado