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This interactive map shows you places to have a White Christmas

If you are dreaming of a White Christmas, then this NOAA map can show you that how much of your dream will turn into reality. Right ahead of the Christmas, mapping giant Esri has landed up with a new interactive map that displays which parts of the US would see a snowfall during Christmas and which one would not. The map displays weather averages from 1981 to 2010 to predict the snowfalls.

The map features several dot points in black and white and light to dark shades of blue that mark different cities, counties, and places in the US. Click on any of these dot points, and you can see the NCEI Historic Christmas Snow Probability. The information under the ‘NCEI Historic Christmas Snow Probability’ shows the topographic elevation of that place (in meters) on Earth. The information also mentions the name and the state under which that place lays.

For example, the Grant Grove area of California that is close to the Tropic of Cancer has 77% chances of seeing at least 1 inch of snow during Christmas. But Whitewater, Montana despite being situated in the top north of the US, has only 19% chances to see 1 inch of snow on Christmas. Clearly, the map shows the hilly areas of the northern states of the US with higher topographic elevation have better chances to see snowfall in Christmas. But that’s also is not entirely true, as you can Wapiti, Wyoming in spite of having a topographic elevation of 1,719 meters, has only 21 percent chances to see a Christmas snowfall.

From more than 9,800 weather stations, it measured temperature, precipitation, snowfall, heating and cooling degree days, frost/freeze dates, and growing degree days. Though the map shows the most of Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Montana to have a white Christmas, but it is only the current weather patterns that will dictate the actual snowfall.

Now when Christmas is already around the corner, you can use this map and decide where you want to travel during this Christmas. And that depends on whether or not you enjoy the snowfalls. So pack your things accordingly. Happy Holidays!