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Ordnance Survey releases exciting new puzzle book

Puzzles are not only intriguing but also an amazing exercise to tickle the grey matter. When mapping is combined with puzzles, it makes it more all the more fascinating and allows the users to explore new routes in a creative manner.

Ordnance Survey has released a new puzzle book that has around 200 mind-blowing puzzles.

Have you ever wondered the distance of trig points from the National Trail? Or distance of the footpath from the free house?

The new Ordinance Survey puzzle book quenches this curiosity along with a lot more amazing insights.

Using the puzzle book one can track hidden treasures, know precise geographical details and unearth some unknown facts. The Puzzle book allows one to move through Ordnance Survey’s historical maps.

The books consist of 40 maps that include military boundaries, power networks, industrial heritage, the varying landscape and national parks. The puzzle book shows the illustrious work of Ordnance Survey spread over more than two centuries.

Ordnance Survey was established in 1791 and since then it is among the pioneering British brands in GIS and Mapping innovations. Its first map was made in 1801 and it digs out the unique history of all places and even helps locate abandoned ancient villages.

Collection of Ordnance Survey geographic data has mapped the location of every fixed physical object in UK from the ground upwards to within 1 meter accuracy.

The Ordnance Survey Puzzle book is published by Trapeze at £14.99 and is available from the OS Shop.