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Location intelligence and augmented reality

Augmented reality makes brands more tangible to consumers — and valuable in the real world. When users can touch, hold, and interact with mobile creative, that’s AR opening the door to active participation with the experiences served.

Location-based advertising is the talk of the town today and augmented reality is here to make the experience more lively and enjoyable. Imagine the thrill of pointing the camera on your phone at a line of shops and see the daily deals on offer within. This is the power of AR. Today most smartphones have the capability to support apps that use AR. AR is a technology that superimposes digital information on whatever you’re looking at through the phone’s camera.

Utilizing the technology HERE is creating new stories in location intelligence in augmented reality. Taking things to new scales, it is paving the way for the future in automotive. Instead of being about a single capability, the augmented reality story of HERE bundles together four distinct areas, these include the foundation of location intelligence, introducing the high-definition map you need for autonomous cars, creating living maps that heal themselves as conditions change, and enabling closer integration of HERE Open Location Platform with in-car software assets. The resulting application offers an immersive, engaging story that lets the viewer move in and out of the levels of detail.

Within the app, one can move in close to see HERE True Vehicles move through a cityscape to create precise 3D maps of the environment. From above, they can learn how a connected vehicle detects and reports a patch of ice on the road, and how that information is spread to other connected vehicles. From the point of view of a driver, he can see how in-car software delivers key information, enabling more informed decisions as they traverse the roadway.

Location unlocks the potential of AR in ways many of us hadn’t fully imagined one year ago. Companies like HERE and making a steady progress, unveiling interesting options, however, the possibilities remain limitless!

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