Check out this music video from ISRO scientists to celebrate 70 years...

Check out this music video from ISRO scientists to celebrate 70 years of India’s independence


As proud Indians all over the country get ready to celebrate the nation’s 70th Independence Day, ISRO scientists come up with a unique way to express their love for the country. Matching their high technical aptitude with amazing creativity, the brightest minds of the nation put their hearts together and create a touching patriotic music video, titled ‘I am an Indian‘. The video talks about every Indian’s dream of having a new, violence-free India. With preparations for the launch of Chandrayaan-2 going on in full swing, in an attempt to boost the morale of their colleagues, the scientists have included an animation of the tricolor being placed on the moon in their maiden video. The video is a beautiful one that makes every Indian feel proud.

The video is the result of 18 months of hard work by the scientists who could take out time for practice only at nights as their days are usually consumed in studying rockets. The [email protected] shot the video on the Arabian Sea coast, and the picturesque surroundings add more melody and warmth to the video. Just like ISRO created history by launching 104 satellites in one go, the scientists have successfully conquered the hearts of millions with their first creative attempt.

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The efforts by the ISRO scientists and the feelings their video brings in every Indian’s heart can’t be described in words. This, we believe is a perfect way of letting the world know, “We are proud Indians with an unmatched love and respect for our country.