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Is it Time to Change what ‘GIS’ Actually Means?

I recently had the pleasure of chairing a cross-industry GeoAnalytics event in London this week, and over two days we discussed both the opportunities but, equally interesting, the barriers to success. One common theme was that whilst GIS was viewed to be a critical part of the jigsaw, the moment that an individual introduced himself or herself as a GIS professional to a Board Level Executive, then the Executive would switch off ! Isn't GIS something only geeks do, seems to be the typical Exec reaction ??

The most successful GIS professionals somehow fail to mention the GIS bit whatsoever ! They talk in terms of business savings, growth, risk reduction, alignment to strategy – and only then introduce the concept of location as an enabling technology.

So I wondered …Is it time to redefine the term 'GIS'?

What about 'Greater Information Systems' ???

Just a thought….