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How geospatial tech can help in India’s national development

In a previous blog, we looked into — How geospatial technologies are contributing to major ongoing projects in India?

As we are moving closer towards our premier event Geosmart India 2016 let us look via this infographic – how technologies such as GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR etc. can help address major challenges India is facing.

This has been published in the Geosmart India 2016 conference brochure, which can be downloaded from here —  Geosmart India 2016 agenda [PDF: 13.1 MB]

Here is the summary of the same in a table:

India’s Challenges

Geospatial Solutions

Urban population-growth 32%- by the year 2030, 590million people expected to live in Indian cities

GST and integrated solutions for smart sustainable cities and integrated townships

Only 105 litres of water supplied per capital per day as against the demand of 140 litres in urban India

Geospatial tech can aid in low cost and affordable water resources management system

India’s agricultural yield per hectare- 48% of Asian countries, but 20 mt of grain loss due to bad warehouse facilities

GIS & a complete ecosystem of services for agriculture sector can make a big difference in improving the performance of the sector

India has the 5th largest power generation portfolio worldwide with a power generation capacity of 245 GW. 24% electricity lost in T&D

Geospatial network planning & management key to reduction of this loss

Natural disasters account for total losses of US$13.8 billion reported in the most recent six-year period

Spatial planning for disaster mitigation & management

Projected to be the 3rd largest aviation market by 2020

Geospatial can make value addition to Aviation Industry in big way for making it better & capitalize on its growth prospects

Infographic: Top 6 challenges in India and how GIS, remote senising, LiDAR etc. can help

This infographic brings before us the problems India has and the solutions geospatial technologies can offer.

Geospatail technology for India's national development goals