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Hexagon India excited to be a part of fourth industrial revolution

The concept of Fourth Industrial Revolution is catching up. Even in India. While the government has been talking about digitization and use of spatial technologies in governance, the Indian chapter of the global geospatial giant Hexagon is talking gearing up to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hexagon India President Pramod Kaushik said that as a global provider of new-age technologies, Hexagon is aligning its efforts with various key initiatives of the Indian government like Make in India, Digital India, Zero defect Zero Effect (ZED) and Bharatmala.

In its approach to the Smart Cities mission, the focus is to create a replicable model which is technically integrated and connects all silos and acts like a lighthouse to other aspiring cities, Prasad said in an interview with The Financial Express.

Hexagon Geosystem solutions are helping underwater sensors create 3D pictures of the entire pipeline and electric network to manage the outage. Hexagon MI (manufacturing intelligence) is gearing up for the fourth industrial revolution of cyber-physical system. Hexagon machines, feedback sensors, strong anticipating algorithms/software with integrated robots/automation are forming a digital thread in a closed loop which can help traditional Indian industries to sustain and grow in this competitive global scenario. Following the trend, many companies are focusing on India as a market for smart manufacturing, smart quality and automation using robots for Indian industries.

The geospatial industry has been hyped about 4IR for quite some time and the event Geospatial World Forum 2018, based on the theme Geo4IR: Geo-enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution is all set to effectively elaborate this.

4IR is the revolution of the current era, which is happening with the fusion of physical, digital and biological paradigms, impacting numerous disciplines and industries, and economies. It is special for our generation, as it is going change the societal fabric of our times.

Geospatial technologies are an essential element of the 4th Industrial Revolution as it is all about data, especially location-based data.

As Agendra Kumar, President, Esri India, puts it, “Geospatial is going to be an integral part of 4IR. And it will be a key component of the new technologies, which are coming in.”

Nigel Clifford, CEO, Ordnance Survey, UK  reaffirms by saying,” Looking at the revolutions that are going on in terms of affordable massive technological shifts, geospatial is the one really significant golden thread that is been enabling all users to find sense in some of the huge changes that are going on.”

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