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India shines brightest on Google’s interactive map of #MeToo

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser, American Poet and Activist (1968)

…and this is what is happening in this #MeToo movement; the movement which allows the victims to share their aggression and stories on sexual harassment. If this wasn’t enough, now the whole world is shining more in this ‘light’ of discussion.

Google Trends recently released an interactive map that shows where searches for #MeToo are trending i.e. areas that have the highest interest in the movement. The map also highlights the top five cities wherein the #MeToo movement has been searched the maximum on any given day on the map’s homepage., allowing users to click on the city and read complete coverage of the movement dating back to last fall.

How does the MeToo map work?

Google has created the #MeToo map to measure the campaign through points of light. These points mean the search term of the campaign i.e. where they are being searched the most, there are more light points. Google has shown its timeline through the globe by tracing this campaign and its online trends. Additionally,  it has mapped the search results of this term since the MeToo movement was activated by activist Turana Burke in 2006 and after it went viral in October 2017. Further, Google has created a 3D visualization from the search term ‘Me Too Rising.’

As you can see, on navigating the spinning globe in Google’s Map, data points light up to represent the locations where most people are searching ‘Me Too’ in real time. Google then throws up the link to the most read stories through this. Also, Google highlights the context of the searched term in a particular city and how are they being done?

You can explore the following map and find out how much your country or state is shining in the MeToo movement on this globe.

metoo map
Top countries of Asia where MeToo search trending. Courtesy Google Trends.

The Indian Story

A wave of #MeToo campaign is also sweeping across India. It started in India when a movie actress accused her co-star of an inappropriate behavior on a movie set 10 years ago. Following this, many women came forward and shared their story of sexual harassment. The fire of this #MeToo movement is spreading like a wildfire and India is glittering like a sparkling wine fizz on the map. You will notice, India’s lights point is much shinier than any other country. Is it good or bad, or just another hype – only time will tell.

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