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Enhanced location based advertising with Google Maps Explore

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Location-based advertising is gaining momentum among the businesses. With the increasing use of smart devices, especially smartphones, location-based advertising (LBA) has gained momentum and popularity amongst marketers in leaps and bounds.

It has opened doors to a vast array of opportunities for advertisers to personalize their messages to people based on their current location in real time. Using a person’s location data, obtained from their mobile device, advertisers can send different messages to people depending on where they are.

Google Maps is synonymous to location and expecting it to come up with new features to enable advertisers to target the right customers at the right time is like expecting a fish to swim. Google Maps has recently rolled out its redesigned Explore Tab, which invites users to click a button and receive personalized recommendations for hyperlocal restaurants, attractions, shopping, and services.

The Explorer Tab is here to ease things for us, the shoppers, explorers and food lovers. Now, whenever we are exploring someplace new, getting together with friends, or hosting parties in our own city, instead of scrolling endlessly through lists of recommended restaurants or group texts, we can use Google Maps to make quick decisions and find the best spots.

The excitement doesn’t seem to end as the feature offers specific lists like the Foodie List, which tells us where the tastemakers are going and help the users locate new restaurants based on information from local experts. The Map can also help track a user’s progress against each list. For instance, if one has crossed four of the top restaurants on the list, Google Maps will tell him that he has six more to try.

So, with Google Maps Explore feature not only is the user getting more equipped, the businesses are having all the more reasons to provide better services to stay in the competition. While tracking and providing the users relevant offers becomes easier for the businesses, they now need to work harder to beat the competition.

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