Global trends of geospatial tech usage – More Insights

Global trends of geospatial tech usage – More Insights


We have recently published the Geospatial World Readers’ Survey 2014 results, and our readers on social media are all cheering about it. Here is a summary from our Twitter Profile.

GIS gets significant inputs from GNSS and RS

GIS is the most used technology by our readers, followed by GNSS and Remote Sensing, and we have found a positive correlation between and GIS to GNSS (at 60%), GIS to Remote Sensing (at 60%) and GIS to Aerial Photography (at 50%).

This clearly shows that people are significantly using GNSS, Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography as the key inputs to GIS. And Remote Sensing is highly contributes to GIS over Aerial photography for the readers who responded in the survey.

BIM and Indoor are related!

Another significant correlation we found was in the upcoming technologies Laser Scanning and 3D Data having a positive correlation of 50%, and BIM to Indoor Positioning again at 50%. This is a positive sign indeed as these are being used closely!

What do you see happening in your organisation and around? Let us know your views!