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GIS and it’s Role in Disruptive Technology

I've been intrigued by the recent problems with Uber. In fact the problem became personal when I was caught up in the recent taxi driver strike in Brussels, as a reaction against Uber. It's not just a Brussels problem, as you probably know.

But notwithstanding, Uber is an interesting case study as a disruptive technology, creating a step change in thinking. Amazon fall in the same category, as bookshops become a threatened species.

I wondered – how important is 'location' to disruptive technologies? If everything, and everyone, is 'somewhere', doesn't GIS become critical to the 'New World Order', whatever that might look like?

Is GIS centre stage in this, or does it just have a walk-on part? How much does it depend on the quality of the actors?

Might GIS and Location provide the catalyst for new business models? What if location stopped being an add-on but rather became central to new thinking?