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Get Set Go – Let’s meet @UNWGIC

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UNWGIC has been the talk of the town for the last few months. As we come really close to the opening, let’s explore what all await us at the event, how UNWGIC intends to provide a convening, participatory and inclusive environment to enhance communication, understanding, knowledge and application of geospatial information management to address local, regional and global challenges.

UNWGIC is excited to have on board a rich amalgamation of enterprises, research institutions, and other organizations from China and abroad. Through unique programs, it is confident of making everyone aware how geospatial can be effectively used to bring in sustainable development in action. 

Plenary Sessions

The four impactful Plenary sessions which will be dedicated to Sharing the Digital Economy, Attaining Sustainable Development, Building Smart Societies and Growing International Cooperation are apt to encourage the participants to consider the importance of geospatial information to support technological development, address development and strengthening of geospatial information management systems and capacities within their communities, and delve into international coordination and cooperation for building a human data and geography community, against the three pillars of sustainable development, for a shared future and a better world.

Engaging plenary sessions await you at UNWGIC

Parallel Sessions

Next on line is a comprehensive Parallel Sessions program that will examine seven themes across thirty-five parallel sessions. The themes, which are highly worth looking forward to, include:

  1. Measuring and Monitoring the SDGs;
  2. Digital Economy, Location Analytics and Big Data;
  3. Smart, Resilient and Sustainable Societies;
  4. Growing Global GeospatialCapability and Capacity;
  5. Geospatial Innovation, Science and Technology;
  6. Digital Silk Road and International Partnerships; and
  7. Sustainable Development in Action.

While the parallel sessions captivate your interest and make you understand better how to make geospatial more useful for achieving progress and harmony in the world, we advice you to not miss the Special Sessions. One worth attending will be the the Young Geospatial Professionals Summit. This will be an exciting opportunity for you to encourage and develop the next generation of leaders.

Geospatial Technology and Application Exhibition  

As an important part of the UNWGIC, the Geospatial Technology and Application Exhibition will be organized from November 19-23, 2018 at the Deqing International Exhibition Center. It will showcase the state-of-the-art technologies, products and application solutions from the world’s leading companies, academic and research institutions, as well as other related organizations from across the globe. It will focus on four major areas:

  1. Intelligent Equipment
  2. Smart Applications
  3. Location-Based Services
  4. Future Life

UNWGIC to showcase state-of-the-art technologies, products and applications

The Closing Session will include short summaries from the plenary, parallel and special sessions, and issuing of the Moganshan Declaration, a Declaration that will inform the global geospatial information management agenda for coming years.

Not to be missed!

UNWGIC will be an excellent opportunity for you to engage with an exciting group of partners and explore collaboration opportunities, learn how to strengthen national geospatial information management and systems, exchange ideas to make sustainable development more attainable and much more.

With a power-packed program at its disposal, UNWGIC is just about to raise the curtains. We hope to meet you there and engage into enriching discussions on making geospatial an important enabler for a better world. See you at the Deqing International Convention Center in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, China from November 19-23, 2018!

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