GeoWrap: Spotify and Waze to join hands, Arctic sea ice to disappear...

GeoWrap: Spotify and Waze to join hands, Arctic sea ice to disappear and others


Spotify, Waze join hands to integrate each other’s services

US: Spotify and navigation app Waze have teamed up to integrate their respective services into each other’s platform. Founded out of Israel in 2007, Waze built a big user base and community around the way it lets users share real-time traffic data, which prompted Google to acquire the company for more than $1 billion back in 2013… Read more

Location-Based Market expected to grow in 2017: Report

The Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) has released its second annual Global Location Trends Report. Launched at SXSW during RetailLoco, the largest annual gathering of brands and LBMA members, the report reveals major trends in usage and investments in location-based marketing as well as projections for implementing this technology in 2017…Read more

Toyota unveils new navigation systems for automated warehouse trucks

Belgium: Toyota Material Handling Europe has introduced a new method of navigation for automated vehicles operating in warehouses. “Natural navigation” – which Toyota is introducing at the LogiMAT show in Stuttgart this week – uses recognisable reference points or landmarks within the warehouse, such as walls, racking and fixed objects, to calculate the truck’s location...Read more

SI Imaging Services announces reseller agreement with LAND INFO

Korea: SI Imaging Services (SIIS) has announced that effective from January 1, 2017, LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC (LAND INFO) is an authorized reseller of KOMPSAT data. With this agreement, LAND INFO will expand its offering of value-added feature extraction and classification to include the use of KOMPSAT imagery… Read more

Northern Lights can influence satellite navigation accuracy

UK: Researchers at the University of Bath have gained new insights into the mechanisms of the Northern Lights, providing an opportunity to develop better satellite technology that can negate outages caused by this natural phenomenon…Read more

Esri to donate software to fight drug addiction

US: Esri has announced that it will donate software to winners of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Grant to combat the national opioid and heroin abuse epidemic. The new partnership will promote Esri’s mapping and analysis capabilities to government agencies that need to more efficiently monitor and manage their drug intelligence and community surveillance efforts… Read more


Arctic sea ice to disappear despite meeting Paris Agreement Goals

A new study has revealed that Arctic Sea ice may disappear even if we meet the Paris Agreement goals for climate change. According to the study, the Arctic sea ice would melt during summertime even if the rise is limited to 2 degree Celsius.


Satellite builders use 3D printing for developing satellite parts

3D printing is being used in some of the most innovative ways now. Space Systems Loral (SSL) is using 3D printing to develop satellite parts. SSL developed 3D printed antenna tower, 37 titanium nodes, and more than 80 graphite struts that are being used on SKY Perfect JSAT’s JCSAT-110A satellite.