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What is the Geospatial Industry Canvas?

Services sector contributes more to the geospatial industry, which is followed by the hardware sector.

Understanding the technology, technology providers and the users, the whole gamete of geospatial industry can be divided into 5 parts. These are Services, Hardware, Software, Solutions, System Integration and Data providers. The majority contribution is from the services sector about 42% of the geospatial industry about nearly half of the whole geospatial sector. This is seconded by the hardware companies which include the manufacturers, the drone makers and all allied hardware providers.

Geospatial Industry
Share of Global Geospatial Technology Providers

These are some very interesting findings of the Global Geospatial Outlook Report 2017 , produced by Geospatial Media & Communications. The report, which also describes the geospatial ecosystem and explains how geo technologies function within a digital platform, and also ranks 50 countries as per their geo-readiness, further attempts to break the total market into several regional market.

The next big contribution comes from the software industry to about 16%, which proves to be a significant tool to integrate the hardware and automate it with the help of the software capabilities.

This chunk includes the kind of organisations that make their own software and also customise the enterprise software as well. When the software and hardware markets work together, the solutions market automatically stands next in line up of the geospatial industry. When all these companies predominantly exists then there is a need created for the system integration of geospatial companies to coordinate with the other companies for effective solutions. This need is satisfied by the contribution of the software companies moving towards advanced system integration, as per the report. It is indeed very surprising to see the system integration market top the data market of the geospatial sector.

Within the services market, 34% of services are from the Asia pacific region. The effectiveness of human resources against the cost in this region is the major reason for it to cherish in the services market. This is closely followed by the North American market contributing about 33 % of the services.

Geospatial Industry

Global Distribution of Geospatial Technology Providers

The second biggest market, where the technology providers contribute, lies with the hardware market contributing about 18% of the geospatial industry. The North American region tops here as well, which is then closely followed by the Asian market as the region is known to have huge manufacturing hubs.

Next is the software market having a contribution of about 16% of the total markets with major contribution coming from the North American region contributing about 39% of the total share of the hardware market. The reason is the technical capability and the infrastructure is so advanced than the remaining regions of the world. Though only a small amount of about 19% of contribution comes from the European market, the contribution is significant and most innovative ideas come from this particular region.

The next big contribution in the geospatial industry is by the hardware companies. It is very interesting to see that the share of system integration companies is as rising to almost half the share of the solution providers. The solutions market is also strong in the North American region, the companies have the technical capability and that is helping them contribute better to the industry. Most of the solutions are provided by the North American region which is then followed by the Asian market.

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