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Gear up for GeoSmart Asia 2017

Join GeoSmart Asia 2017
Join GeoSmart Asia 2017

GeoSmart Asia is here, and it’s time for you to gear up. Here’s why!

We have recently established that 2017 is going to be all about business intelligence, analytics, reality mesh, deep learning, and everything autonomous. Geospatial Technology, which was once majorly dominated by government and a handful of players, is now becoming more citizen-friendly and multipurpose. This shift from a government-centric to a commercial-centric environment has wide-ranging effects, not only on the geospatial industry but also on the entire geospatial ecosystems.

Curious to know how Asia is keeping up with this trend? With the theme ‘Commercialization and Commoditization of Geospatial Information’, we bring to you GeoSmart Asia 2017, where we intend to uncover the impacts of global trends on Asia’s geospatial ecosystem.

Co-located with GeoIntelligence APAC 2017, the conference is scheduled to take place from August 22-24, 2017 at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, Malaysia. The agenda includes:

Pre-Conference on National Strategy on Geospatial Value for Economic Development

Plenary Sessions on:
◦ Geospatial Value & Strategy for National Development
◦ Spatial Analytics & Business Intelligence
◦ Reality Mesh & Digital Engineering
◦ Defense & Public Safety
◦ Commercialization and Commoditization of Geospatial Information

Seminars on:
◦ Smart Cities
◦ Location Intelligence
◦ Disaster Management & Climate Change
◦ Agriculture & Plantation
◦ Infrastructure & Construction

Abstract submission is now open on the above-mentioned topics, and other related themes. Please visit our Call for Papers page for complete list of themes. Submit your abstract now and secure a chance to speak at the conference! The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 20th 2017.

In addition to this, GeoSmart Asia 2017 will also recognize exemplary geospatial application, innovation and policy implementation across industries. If you feel your geospatial project is worthy of this recognition, please submit nomination for our Asia Geospatial Awards before 30 May 2017. Let’s celebrate your hard work and be an inspiration to other users!

Do you have a query or a question? We’re here to help you! Write to us at [email protected]