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FARO launches SCENE 2018

The FARO SCENE 2018 is a tightly integrated software platform specifically designed for the FARO Focus Laser Scanner product family. This new offering represents a substantial leap forward for 3D reality data capture and the FARO-driven concept known as Traceable Construction, which optimizes the entire AEC construction lifecycle.

An all-new feature in SCENE 2018 is the Laser-HDR, which improves on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques by intelligently combining a laser scan image and a photograph through a proprietary FARO process. This results in a laser-enhanced HDR image is breathtaking color and detail, in even the most challenging environments. This advanced feature is fully compatible with all generations of FARO Focus Laser Scanner products.

Key Features
• Laser-HDR improves on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques.
• Fully compatible with all generations of FARO Focus Laser Scanner products.
• Can begin to evaluate and process data immediately, create 3D visualizations, or export to various point cloud and CAD formats.

With SCENE 2018, FARO FocusS 150 and FocusS 350 Laser Scanners now offer additional time savings on-site, performing at least 1.5 times faster than when it was required to perform high-resolution scans continuously. Selected areas can also now be rescanned at a higher resolution for more accurate target detection. Furthermore, since the registration workflow is now fully automated, in-field and in-office productivity is improved substantially.