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Eurosense expands hardware and IT facility

Eurosense, a supplier of geospatial data solutions in Europe, is significantly expanding its international mapping capabilities.

Not only did Eurosense invest in the brand new Riegl VQ-1560 II 4MHz LiDAR scanning system with the PhaseOne iXM-RS150F camera. Also, the Belgian company acquired the high-end Vexcel UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 large format aerial camera. In doing this, Eurosense made important steps towards increasing its production capacity to serve its clients with the highest quality geodata.

System, IT capacity, streamlined production

Furthermore, Eurosense built a new and appropriate IT capacity, and enhanced its streamlined production workflows to seamlessly process the increased amount of data acquired with the new sensors. With the installation of the new sensors on its efficient airplanes, Eurosense is in a position to offer high-resolution images and dense LiDAR point cloud data over large areas in a short period of time.

55 years of Eurosense gathering in Belgium.
55 years of Eurosense gathering in Belgium.

55 years of Eurosense

Recently, Eurosense celebrated its 55 years anniversary. Their ‘birthday party’ at Eurosense headquarters in Wemmel (north of Brussels) saw friends, business partners and relations old and new (re) united. They gathered around a plethora of ‘ancient’ geodetic hardware, historical aerial photos and of course shared memories. The new Riegl system was displayed, and Johannes Riegl himself gave his blessing to brave new adventures to come.

Johannes Riegl and the new Riegl VQ-1560 II at Eurosense HQ.
Johannes Riegl and the new Riegl VQ-1560 II at Eurosense HQ.

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Recent highlights in Belgium include a photogrammetry project for the municipality of Zwijndrecht (Belgium). There, Eurosense realised an imagery resolution of 2 centimetres. Also of note is the 3D model of the city of Namur (also in Belgium). In the EU, Eurosense’s involvement in a Horizon2020 project called Reconect stood out. Making a special appearance at the festivities was the Hungarian office staff of Eurosense Kft from Budapest. They joined the Eurosense team more than 25 years ago. As for the future, CEO André Jadot said: “We will be moving forward into more data integration and strive for increased accuracy with increased frequency. Above that, it will be in 3D, where we want to make use of artificial intelligence. And of course, we are looking at geographic expansion.”