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Esri creates dashboard to map spread of COVID 19 cases in India

We live in a digital age where social media has become a necessity of our everyday life. For any news or information, we turn to such mediums and the chances are more that we can get exposed to false information. Like in the case of the corona pandemic, social media is flooded with all kinds of information related to coronavirus spread. Some of them are correct but many are fake news as well which is creating panic among citizens.

To avoid such fake information and keep the chaos down, Esri has developed a new dashboard that s keeping the track of the number of cases reported in India and the world. Designed by India team of Esri, this interactive dashboard monitor and map the impact of COVID-19 on a real-time basis and maps the spread of COVID 19 cases in India including infectious cases and emerging pattern among population/geographies. The dashboard is being used by National Disaster Management

Technology Behind

The dashboard designed by Esri works on GIS (geographic information system) technology to provide real time updated. As you can see in the below picture, on the map of India, it shows state-wise corona cases. One can click on any state and see the number of cases. Like for example, if you click on Kerala, the map will show how many cases are there in the state, confirmed, saved and died. It also gives information about the nationality of the patient affected by the coronavirus. One can also click on the right side of the dashboard, select state from there and see the number of cases.

The dashboard also represents forms of pie chart and bar graph representing a number of cases state wise, cummulative confirmed cases and test laboratory information to provide people with a better idea of what’s happening around the globe and also in their own country.

To get the right number of cases, Esri has collaborated with WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, 1point3acres, Worldometers.info, BNO, state and national government health departments and local media to update the information on the dashboard.

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