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Education in infrastructure – A key requirement for full-fledged digital transformation

There is no doubt that the construction industry is lagging behind in Going Digital, and lack of expertise remains a huge factor responsible. The industry is full of ideas and consequent technological advancements, but is it equipped with the right intelligence to bring these ideas to implementation?

While traditional engineering drawings are becoming history and digital models are taking over, how many institutes world over can claim to have taken the necessary steps to equip the young minds with the digital intricacies of infrastructure development. How many of the engineers today are equipped with the skillset to understand digital workflows in construction? The answer is, “a very small percentage of the student and professional community.”

So, what needs to be done? 

Lack of skilled workforce is pulling the industry down, no dream can materialize if we don’t have trained hands to carry it forward. The construction industry badly needs to match up the advancement happening in other industries and a very important gap to fill up is that of relevantly educated workforce.

Be it BIM, Digital Advancement or Constructioneering, for effective implementation, we need people who understand the intricacies and this is where Bentley Institute is acting as a leader.

Bentley’s commitment to infrastructure education

The mission of Bentley Institute’s Digital Advancement Academies is to partner with industry as a catalyst for thought leadership and knowledge exchange. The academies help accelerate the digital ambitions of all stakeholders creating and operating infrastructure assets. There are currently six main academies under the umbrella.

BIM Advancement Academy  

Bentley’s BIM Advancement Academy provides an effective way for owners to on-board contractors and the supply chain and to align their efforts through common processes that advance and improve information creation and information flow within each project. The goals of the academy are to advance industry best practices, drive standards, evolve solution templates, capture and recycle lessons learned, and advance BIM processes via awareness sessions, forums, and targeted seminars and working groups.

Construction Academy

Bentley‘s Construction Academy facilitates the alignment of the people, processes and technology involved in the deployment of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning (WFP) best practices to improve project outcomes. We provide owner-operators, EPCs, engineering firms, contractors, and individuals with awareness sessions, training and coaching that can take your project from good to great.

Constructioneering Academy

The Constructioneering Academy is designed to educate civil design build professionals on the digital construction process. It aims to optimize digital insights to improve project outcome, advance constructioneering technology, methods, and best practices, streamline asset lifecycle workflows, by integrating surveying, engineering and construction data, create knowledgeable constructioneering leaders and transform design-build performance, enhancing project efficiency and reducing costs.

Through the academy, the contractors can learn how to use constructioneering concepts to improve earthwork/paving machine control efficiency — helping to alleviate common issues such as shortage of labor and silos that can occur due to non-compatible data. Engineers can learn how to implement constructioneering concepts at the design and planning stages using point cloud meshes and reality models to create 3D constructible models, improving workflows for field inspections by leveraging digital models.

Surveyors can learn how to use constructioneering concepts to maximize their surveying expertise with more frequent and accurate measurement workflows, and improve boundary and topo applications for layout and as-builts. Asset owners can learn how constructioneering concepts improve productivity and efficiency, allowing for more projects in less time with better predictability and project visibility.

3 ways to shift mindsets for implementation of BIM

Reality Modeling Academy

Continuous survey capabilities provided by UAVs and other reality modeling techniques are more accessible than ever before. Companies and organizations are investing in reality modeling technologies to extend the scope of as-operated 3D reality meshes for their infrastructure projects.

The Reality Modeling Academy was created to foster knowledge and best practices for the infrastructure industry to capturing existing conditions in 3D to provide real-world context for the design, construction, operations, and inspection workflows.

Reality Modeling Academy delivers content and knowledge about reality modeling solutions and technologies for maintaining survey and data on assets to provide stakeholders information for the decision-making process during all phases of an asset lifecycle. It also lists reality modeling service and solution providers to help organizations advance more quickly in reality modeling adoption.

Process Industries Academy

The Process Industries Academy help organizations to better understand and develop an effective digital strategy across all aspects of the asset lifecycle, based on the practical experience and knowledge of the industry’s leading experts.

Based on the experience and knowledge of the industry’s leading experts, the Process Industries Academy provides sessions focusing on real-world examples of the key aspects of a digital approach to capital project delivery and asset operations. Participants discover how developing a clear digital strategy for improved collaboration, communication, and coordination between project teams creates an ideal environment to optimize information creation and digital workflows.

The Process Industries Academy offer industry professionals an environment to learn and share practical insights about business process improvements enabled by technology, so they can educate and equip their teams to be more productive and achieve the best outcomes.

Digital Advancement Research Academy

The Digital Advancement Research team actively engages with government, university, and industry visionaries to generate innovative solutions for the future needs of the infrastructure industries. The team nurtures partnerships to lead research initiatives around the world.

The presentations made by these academies at the Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2018 Conference, reinforced the exemplary role that Bentley Institute is playing in advancing infrastructure professions by empowering students, academic institutions and professionals with the latest software technology, market-driven research internships, scholarships and continuous learning through publications, webinars, conferences, live and on-demand courses, and in-product instruction.The Bentley Institute community leverages the years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Bentley’s leading application developers and technical experts.

The future of the infrastructure industry depends on today’s students. Bentley’s Academic Program provides educators with the resources to prepare students for careers with great companies. Students can gain a competitive edge in the classroom and with potential employers. In turn, infrastructure industry professionals can recruit qualified applicants and higher quality talent. The program provides access to the software and training you need to learn best practices for advancing infrastructure. Multiple programs are available to connect Bentley infrastructure experts with educators, through online events and on-campus networking opportunities.

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