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Eagleview launches Reveal Imagery

Ultra-high-resolution Reveal imagery is the latest innovation from EagleView, offering the finest, sharpest, and highest resolution available to uncover incredible property details within each image. Reveal imagery changes the way private-sector businesses and government organizations view the world.

Reveal imagery includes oblique and orthogonal images that display an unprecedented level of detail, enabling the identification of property features not visible from other imagery sources. In addition, Reveal imagery delivers the clarity necessary to assess grade and condition of residential and commercial properties, infrastructure, and ground elements right from the desk. This ultra-high-resolution imagery delivers critical accuracy of structural dimensions and clarity so fine that property features and condition can be identified quickly and easily.

Key Features

• Includes oblique and orthogonal images, displaying high level of detail.
• Ultra-high-resolution imagery delivers critical accuracy of structural dimensions.
• Precise, high-end technology enables efficient acquisition with faster delivery times.

Captured with precise, custom-designed, next-generation camera systems, the patented technologies behind Reveal imagery enable efficient acquisition with faster delivery times. With its wide-area view, Reveal imagery enables users to pan through images and zoom in or out without a change in perspective. EagleView’s library of high-resolution aerial images will provide more detail and answers than ever before with the addition of Reveal imagery.