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Does ArcGIS support Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality and augmented reality is going big. Dominik Tarolli of Esri in his article just said that – The next big thing in the GIS industry: 3D, AR and VR. While there are many Virtual reality and augmented reality apps out there, you might still ask this question “Does ArcGIS support Virtual Reality?”.

As it stands today, the only place Esri supports Virtual Reality officially is through the ArcGIS 360 VR App. Click here to know more.

How to use 3D VR models in ArcGIS 360 VR App?

The Virtual Reality experience and the 3D need to be created in Esri CityEngine. This is the only way, one can experience VR using the Esri Apps. This data is hosted onto ArcGIS Online, and the app is available for the Samsung Gear VR headset on the Oculus platform.

Does ArcGIS support Virtual Reality?

As I understand, Esri ArcGIS as a software does not have this functionality. It’s only Esri City Engine that has this functionality. But, I am expecting something might come out this year. And Esri UC 2017 is the time, we might see some more developments happening.

Meanwhile, watch this video on using Virtual Reality using Esri CityEngine