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DigitalGlobe launches EarthWatch


DigitalGlobe’s EarthWatch is the most comprehensive way to interact with the world’s best geospatial content and apply analytics to derive meaningful geospatial information. For the first time, customers have access to all of DigitalGlobe’s premium imagery through a single usage-based subscription.

DigitalGlobe adds about three million sq km of new imagery every day. EarthWatch provides the highest resolution, most accurate and current satellite imagery and derivatives, with no restrictions on geography or area of interest. Users can stream or download DigitalGlobe’s industry-leading native 30 cm resolution imagery, access highly aesthetic image mosaics, and assess change over time with 18-year imagery library.

Key Features

• Premium Content: Stream or download the highest resolution satellite imagery and derivative content.
• No geographical restrictions: EarthWatch can be accessed anywhere on the globe, anytime, with no user restrictions, so organizations have a common operating picture.
• Usage-based subscription: Organizations need to pay only for the amount of imagery streamed and downloaded.

EarthWatch is a key component for geospatial workflows and essential for mapping, monitoring, detecting change and responding to activities on the ground.