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Cyient unveils Road Health Analytics

By leveraging over 25 years of geospatial experience, Cyient has developed an integrated Cloud-based mobile solution that enables real-time road condition mapping and analytics.

Cyient’s Road Health Analytics solution provides a predictive and innovative mechanism for local governments, municipalities, smart city councils, or private companies to improve their decision-making capability and their bottom line. It provides actionable data and insights for road repairs, infrastructure upgrades and monitoring, powered by machine learning algorithms. By fostering a shift from reactive to predictive road repair, it helps in optimizing and prioritizing workload. It also facilitates measurement of repair work quality by contractors, thus leading to timely improvements.

Key Features

Reduces annual road repair costs by up to 20%.
• Optimizes workload through predictive road repair.
• Increases productivity by improving time-to-destination.

Provided “as-a-service”, the solution improves drivability and safety of roads, reduces traffic congestion and pollution hotspots, thus improves the experience of citizens and businesses. It enforces performance guarantees, and consequently, contributes to robust cost savings on annual road repair and maintenance by optimizing costs and improving quality.