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CovIndia, India’s first district-wise Covid19 tracker


India, the world’s second-most populous nation is seeing huge growth in corona cases. So far there are a total of 728 cases across the nation. All new methods are being deployed so that people are aware of the growing number of cases can keep themselves safe. Keeping in view, Raghav NS Ananta Srikar and Rishab Ramanathan students of Mahindra Ecole Centrale, an engineering college in Hyderabad have developed district-wise COVID-19 tracker, CovIndia that can help netizens to know the current state of corona spread.

CovIndia is India’s only district-wise Covid-19 tracker that can be helpful for people travelling within the country so that they can avoid virus-prone zones and would also help the authorities to mobilize resources more efficiently.

Dr Achal Agrawal, a faculty member under whom this portal was developed writes in a blog post, “We searched and found that there was no tracker available which gave us district-wise data. All the trackers only provided state-wise data. Even worse, all the states were colored red making it look like India was already infected with Corona when there were only 100 cases. Talk about fear-mongering! District-wise data would allay fears of people who might be panicking seeing the graphs made by major news outlets. I asked Raghav to think about it and meet me the next day if he wanted to work on it”.

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How CovIndia works

CovIndia uses Artificial intelligence to retrieve the relevant information as quickly as possible along with Human Intelligence to ensure that all data is verified before they claim a new case. To ensure no false reporting, the team is also encouraging its users to report any error in their data.

On the map of India the website is providing live district-wise information with the time-lapse that features where people can see how corona is spreading geographically, all over India.The website also provides the standard statistics which almost everyone provides such as the total number of reported cases, state-wise distribution, etc.

This tool gives real-time information on total affected people, saved and died. 

It uses data from official health websites and news outlets like Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Directorate of Health Services, Kerala, Livemint, Deccan Herald, Economic Times and The Hindu for the information which is crosschecked thoroughly by the students volunteering for the cause.

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