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BIM for Facility Management: Benefits of GeoBIM

BIM for Facility Management: Benefits of GeoBIM discssed at GeoBIM Europe 2015 conference

Read this post to understand Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Facility Management. An exclusive panel discussion focusing on expectations of facility managers on what GeoBIM should do for them.

In its construction report, McGraw-Hill predicts that the third wave of BIM usage (after architects and contractors) will be by facility management professionals. An exclusive panel discussion focusing on expectations of facility managers on what geoBIM should do for them, moderated by Tahir Sharif, BIM Director of Hexagon Geosystems, was one of the highlights at GeoBIM Europe conference, held on 10-11 December in Amsterdam.

The 90 minutes discussion span across the current adoption of geoBIM by Facility Managers, the challenges they faced, what could be improved, and what are the outcomes expected that could value-add facility management processes. The discussion was as candid as it could be, and one of the most engaging BIM4FM discussions I've ever attended.

Some highlights of the discussion:

Deborah Rowland, Head of Property Asset Management at Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom opines that asset data needs to be up-to-date regardless of BIM. Knowing the quality of the assets is fundamental for facility managers. Spencer Schols, Manager – Real-Estate & Development at a social housing company, Bo-Ex, agrees that in order to ensure wellbeing of their tenants, it is important to have an accurate and up-to-date building model. He believes automating the process is key. “As building owners, we don’t know what kind of technology is out there and how far the technology can go for our purpose. Vendors and industry need to help us,” he adds.

On similar note, Alexander Worp, Strategic Advisor (Asset Management) at Schiphol Airport, says airport authority is liable for the safety of the airport passengers; hence it is important to keep track of the rapid changes in the building for security and emergency response purposes. “Scan-to-BIM helps collect up-to-date data, but automatic change detection process is not yet fully-developed.”

Luke Cooper, Digital Specialist at Arup believes that every stakeholder in the construction chain should take ownership in building data starting from the design phase to the asset maintenance. Establishing communication between the design team and maintenance crew could determine the success of a project.

Talking about the potential of internet of things in building management, Stig Brinck, Competence Manager IT and Process Development at NIRAS, opines that it is important to define the exact purpose of connecting sensors in a building, otherwise building managers will be at risk of overloading themselves with unusable data. Turning data into useful information is indeed the main challenge for facility managers, as agreed by Joris Goos, GIS Manager at City of Rotterdam. Data collection technology is widely available but the technology to process those data is still behind. “Nobody cares about data but everybody wants information.”

The full video recording of the panel discussion on GeoBIM for Facility Managers is now available online.

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