Best Drone Photographs of 2017

Best Drone Photographs of 2017


Seeing the world from above gives you a different perspective on the world. Patterns emerge, nature shines and cities feel colossal and that’s exactly what aerial photography is all about. Not to mention, aerial photography has become immensely popular since the drones have come into existence.

Dronestagram, a social network dedicated to aerial photography, announced the winners of their 4th annual Drone Photography Contest. The competition was organized in partnership with National Geographic and received around 8,000 photo submissions from around the world. Amateur and professional photographers competed in 4 categories — Nature, Urban, People, and Creativity. While Nature, Urban, and People have been the regular categories, Creativity has been introduced as the fourth category by the Dronestagram team in order to reward the creativity of their contestants. The winners get drones, cameras, bags, VR headsets and photo prints as the reward. Also, their works will be published in National Geographic. If you have an eye for details and drone, of course, you’ll have the chance to try next year. Meanwhile, check out the winning photos from each category this year:

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1CATEGORY: NATURE — 1st Place: ‘Summer Trim’ by Jerome Courtial, France

22nd Place: ‘Infinite road to Transylvania’ by Calin Stan, Romania

33rd Place: ‘Ice formation’ by Florian Ledoux, Greenland

4CATEGORY: PEOPLE — 1st Place: End of the line, by Martin Sanchez, United States

52nd Place: ‘Waterlily’ by helios1412, Vietnam

63rd Place: ‘La Vijanera’ by Javier Bustamante, Spain

7CATEGORY: URBAN — 1st Place: ‘Concrete Jungle’ by Bachir Moukarzel, United Arab Emirates

82nd Place: ‘Dawn on Mercury Tower’ by Alexey Goncharov, Russia

93rd Place: ‘Peace’ By Luis Saguar Domingo, Spain

10CATEGORY: CREATIVITY — ‘Next Level’ by Macareuxprod

11‘Two Moo’ by Luke Bell

12‘Ugo le marin’ by Rga