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Are you attending Oman Geospatial Forum 2017?

Oman Geospatial Forum 2017 is ‘the’ platform to capitalize on the opportunities to strengthen the country’s geospatial ecosystem. Read on to find out our unique offerings and why you shouldn’t miss this event.

Oman has witnessed an unprecedented economic development in recent times, and is looking towards economic diversification. The most significant players in this development will be various government departments and business enterprises. They will have to ensure sustainability of this growth by ensuring healthy uptake of enabling tools like geospatial technology, which provides accurate information to those who need it, and when they need it. These players will also facilitate efficient decision-making and contribute to the overall growth of economy and infrastructure in the country. While geospatial technology adoption in Oman is not new, its full potential is far from being realized. This technology however can make all the difference in achieving the desired future.  

Here’s an impressive list of sponsors for Oman Geospatial Forum. We thank them for their support and for the part they’re playing in shaping Oman‘s economy.


Organized by National Survey Authority of Oman and produced by Geospatial Media and Communications, Oman Geospatial Forum 2017 has been exclusively designed to provide an in-depth understanding of how geospatial technologies can emerge as the game changer for Oman‘s economic development plans. Listen to the luminaries who are driving the geospatial framework of Oman. Want to whose coming? Check out our speaker line-up.

Our insightful sessions followed by exciting and informative discussions with the speakers will leave you wanting more. Attendees can look forward to the following sessions:

Session on Spatial Analytics and Business Intelligence – Spatial analytics is more than simply understanding the physical location of key assets on a map. It’s about gaining a richer perspective on service offerings, consumer interaction, transactional information, and how location and demographics play a role in the organization’s performance.

Session on Emerging Technologies and Future Trends – IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and sensor-based technologies play a significant role in shaping the way we produce, process and consume spatial information. You have heard of these technologies, now decode them and understand what they can really do for you.

Workshop on National Security and Defence – With advancements, improvements in deriving precise location information in real-time, higher processing capabilities through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, advancements in data analytics tools, the nature of modern warfare, and security services is changing rapidly. Gain an insight into what this means for the security of your nation.

Seminar on Value of Geospatial Technologies for National Economy – Geospatial technologies have the potential to be game changer for the sectors running the economy. Join experts from sectors such as disaster management, utilities, building and construction, and more, to hear success stories where geospatial technologies have brought in substantial RoI for their organizations.

Exclusive Offering – A fast developing country like Oman can benefit from evolution of geospatial technology by adopting geospatial information to boost socio-economic growth. A number of factors come together to achieve this. But don’t you worry, Geospatial Media has done all the homework for you. We’re looking forward to present an exclusive research report titled “Value of Geospatial Technology in boosting Oman‘s Economy”, during the conference. 

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Haven’t registered yet? No time like the present. Secure a place now! If you’re a government official or from academia, you’ve hit the jackpot. Attend the event for FREE!