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Six apps you can try from Hexagon Smart M.App Exchange

In the previous post, we spoke about Hexagon Smart M.Apps, where we understood more about the Cloud GIS offering from Hexagon Geospatial. In this post, we will deep dive into their M.App Exchange offering.

What is Hexagon M.App Exchange?

hexagon-smart-m-app-exchangeM.App Exchange is the e-commerce store from Hexagon Geospatial, that allows you to discover, purchase, and use online applications. Partners publish and manage their Hexagon Smart M.Apps in the M.App Exchange.

How can you get access to apps in M.App Exchange?

At this point of time, Hexagon Geospatial is providing you with free to certain apps, where you can create an account and try out the apps. With the free version, you can have the apps available to unlimited users with storage up to 2 GB and data transfer up to 10 GB.

Paid editions available:

  • Bronze – $10/month up to 3 users; 10 GB storage; 50 GB data transfer
  • Silver – $70/month for unlimited users; 100 GB storage; 100 GB data transfer
  • Gold – $300/month for unlimited users; 500 GB storage; 100 GB data transfer
  • Platinum – $550/month for unlimited users; 1000 GB storage; 1000 GB data transfer

Six apps you can try from Hexagon Smart M.App Exchange

1M.App Chest

M.App Chest makes it simple to house and manage high volume geospatial data. With our unique solution, you can get your imagery and point cloud data onto the cloud, and distribute securely with ease.

Provider: Hexagon Geospatial

Key Features of M.App Chest:

  • 360 Degree Geospatial Content Management across project lifecycle
  • Easy Availability and Access to data globally providing security
  • No installation and maintenance with pay as you go, model
  • Uninterrupted access and use to service based on Amazon Web Services

2M.App Reader

The M.App Reader provides an easy way to explore, discover and view data from M.App Chest and other available data stores. Using the basic map viewer with a world map preview, users can discover and select multiple datasets for viewing as layers in the view pane.

Vendor: Hexagon Geospatial

Key features of M.App reader:

  • A simple cloud-based viewer for your safely stored online data holdings.
  • Explore, manage and display your cloud-based data holdings within M.App Chest


Streamlined and elegant cloud-based processing workflow enabling robust photogrammetric processing on the cloud. GeoApp.UAS makes it easier for data collectors to process their data and to deliver information to their customers.


Key Features of GeoApp.UAS:

  • Cloud-based Platform to automatically ingest, process, and deliver UAS imagery
  • UAS extracts 3D data from UAS images to enable in-depth analysis such as terrestrial investigation.
  • Serve UAV images dynamically on the cloud through Hexagon Geospatial’s cloud-based platform.

4Green Space Analyser

The Green Space Analyser reveals changes in urban green space versus growth of the built environment, offering unique insights into urban change, primary land use, infrastructure monitoring, planning, and more.

Provider: Sterling Geo

Key Features of Green Space Analyser:

  • Provides overview of green and grey spaces in urban and municipal environments for smart city planning
  • Provides current situation and insights with current and relevant data
  • Intelligent graphics provides smart insights and understanding of urban environment

5 Dynamic Monitor for SmartCity Road Knowledge

The Comprehensive road network analysis for Smart City planning provides tools for review of overall road network quality, health and budget over time. Through an interactive dashboard, the application reveals an engaging picture of the state of roads based on year and investment numbers per year.

Provider: Imagem

Key Features of the App:

  • Provides comprehensive roadway analysis, streaming large information from various sources into very concise dashboards, enabling key business insights.
  • Share information between multiple stakeholders, including all aspects of roadway investment, usage, and health.
  • Provides smart budgeting for understanding where investments can have the most impact.
  • Instant, reliable information in a blink of an eye, including actual data and historical data availability.

6Dutch Kadaster Real Estate Dashboard

The Real Estate Dashboard app translates real estate data into valuable change information dashboards, tapping into the growing need for real-time analytics.

The apps location visualization and selection enables a better understanding of detailed information, thus better decision-making.

Vendor: Imagem

Key features of the app:

  • Provides market insights on the real estate transactions in an interactive view
  • Smart analytics to visualize changes over time
  • Dynamically visualize the change of (average) real estate transactions.

Want more apps? Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App Exchange store to browse multiple apps across 25+ categories.