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Airbus launches AirSense

US: Airbus Defence and Space has launched AirSense, an advanced analytics solution enabled by multi-source surveillance data, based on global Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) data. AirSense is based on data feeds of various aircraft positions.
A strategic partnership between Airbus and Aireon, (the provider of global, space-based ADS-B data) is enabling AirSense to accurately track any aircraft in real-time and identify flight-related events around the globe.

With the upcoming International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements and growing volumes of air traffic, aviation stakeholders increasingly require real-time situational awareness on a global scale – supporting effective decision-making.
AirSense now combines Aireon‘s global, space-based ADS-B data with unique Airbus assets and domain expertise to offer advanced analytics leading to further enhance the aircraft situational awareness, optimize flight routes, increase airport capacity, optimize airspace utilization and improve the overall travel experience.

Key Features
• Enables development of aggregated, live and predictive analytics.
• Based on data feeds of various aircraft positions.
• Enhances aircraft situational awareness, optimizes flight routes and increases airport capacity.

The collaboration also paves the way to further develop applications for improved industry operations delivered through the various Airbus service offerings.