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AI4EO – Six earth observation analytics platforms providing AI capabilities

Artificial Intelligence is a buzz word across in earth observation and we are seeing a lot of traction happening here. This post is aimed at bringing out leading earth observation data analytics platforms that are accelerating the use of AI for Earth Observation(AI4EO).

1Airbus Defence and Space – One Atlas

One Atlas platform is providing Airbus imagery, elevation datasets, vertical market analysis, and processing services. The platform for the analytics aspect is using AI algorithms. The Earth Monitor feature is an analytics service using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect changes in infrastructure, land-use, and economic activities directly from space.

2Descartes Labs – Descartes Labs Platform

The Descartes Labs Platform is a cloud-based platform to quickly and securely scale computer vision, statistical, and machine learning models to inform business decisions with powerful raster-based analytics.

3Orbital Insight – GO platform

Orbital Insight Go platform uses multiple sources of geospatial data and artificial intelligence, to deliver timely, objective and transparent analytics on a global scale. The GO platform applies proprietary data science and computer vision algorithms to contextualize raw data into actionable information allowing investors, corporates and governments to mitigate risk and spot opportunities near real-time.

4Planet – Planet Analytics

Planet Analytics leverages machine learning and computer vision techniques to extract critical objects and features from Planet imagery, providing customers with deeper insights at a higher frequency than ever before. Current capabilities include road and building footprint detection and vessel detection.

5SpaceKnow – Geospatial analysis engine

This is an AI-powered analytics engine, combined with the comprehensive collection of earth observation imagery. SpaceKnow uses Google Cloud to build a scalable and robust geospatial supercomputer.

6UP42 – Open market place and EO analytics platform

Up42 provides an open marketplace to buy and sell Earth Observation data and analytics algorithms. Through a three-step process – Browse, select, and analyze Earth imagery, the platform creates workflows by combining data and processing blocks. Users can upload own custom code and create workflows tailored to their needs. In the processing mode, users can take advantage of models with machine learning-based feature detection capabilities.

Note to readers: Are we missing other leading platforms on this list? Do let us know on Twitter @geoworldmedia and we will be glad to update this list.

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