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Actionable data can produce desired location results

Despite of constant technological change and growing demand of data analytics, organizations often face the challenge of ineffective and inefficient data governance. But there is a way to it. Financial institutions and governments can now leverage location intelligence to increase data quality, streamline business processes, manage risks better, and increase operational efficiency.

To give a better perspective, let us look at two instances where location intelligence and data analytics plays vital role:

Effective healthcare governance through location intelligence

Globally healthcare is emerging as one of the main sustainability challenges. Thus it has become imperative that we understand the socio-economic problems, environmental challenges and political barriers that we face when addressing the topic of health especially digital health.

Making sure that we have access to reliable healthcare centres is vital. Location intelligence can help you understand how health systems of a particular area are impacted directly or indirectly by various factors and how to quantify. However, to make everything fall in place and get a deaired result, we need actionable data. Echoing the same view, Suhel Bidani, Lead, Digital and Supply Chain, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, India at the GeoSmart India 2019 said, “In healthcare actiobale and predictive data is where business intelligence plays a critical role.”

Reaching out to the right audience with right communication

Location intelligence is pervasive and intrusive. A good example of this is location-based advertising. Brands all around the world are using this technology to tap the target audience, reach out to them and explore opportunities through advertising.

However, what can really give an impetus to this effect is by using machine learning and algorithms. Pragyank Bana, Tech Lead – Ad Platform, Saavan Media highlights, “For promotion personalization is key and the first step towards doing that is location. However, to go further data intelligence has to come in that is where machine learning comes into perspective.”

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