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AAM India surveys 6000 km by using mobile LiDAR

AAM India has successfully surveyed 6000 km by using Mobile LiDAR for the Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited (APSFL) project for Larsen and Toubro (L&T).

Scope of the Work (Route Survey):

Carry out detailed survey of the proposed route to establish the feasibility of installation and capture existing details required for planning installation activities.

Provide to scale GIS maps of the area concerned, showing available information such as road, buildings, other topographic features, Optical Fibre Cable route, planned facilities. The data enabling the mark-up of details identified during the Site Survey using mobile LiDAR technology.

Deliverables Included

● Location of existing poles (left/right/middle of road)

● Distance of poles from the edge of road, median, buildings etc. as applicable

● Spacing between the poles

● Type of poles (electrical/others), design of poles (circular/polygonal/rectangular/H-sections/Rail sections etc.), size of poles and pole markings/numbers

● Height of existing cables and fixtures from ground

● Areas where no poles exist and would need new poles

● Obstructions along the path such as trees, hoardings, crossings (road, rail, aerial cables etc.) which needs to be taken care of prior to starting of installation such as tree trimming, moving of hoardings, crossings of existing facility/utility etc.

● Manhole locations from where underground installation ends and aerial installation starts and vise-versa.

● Identification of re-routings of complete/part of proposed routes which are not feasible/suitable for aerial installation due to non-availability of poles or obstructions or space etc.

● Establish locations where specified height cannot be maintained or specified fixtures cannot be utilized.

● Take pictures of poles and building walls/columns/beams proposed for installing fixtures and also obstructions observed along the routes.

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