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10 Major Application Areas of Drone

A technique that turned into technology, drones are disrupting every workflow today. Let’s have a look at 10 major application areas of drone.

When in 1849, the Austrian army attacked Venice using unmanned air balloons filled with explosive, who would have thought, that this technique will turn into technology and will disrupt the entire market with the name, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drones. Drones are pilotless and non-crewed aircraft flown either by remote control or through the use of onboard computers. Initially, drones were used just for military purposes and with the passage of time they made their role prominent in search and rescue operations, mapping and surveying and in other civil applications, such as policing and firefighting.

With the ability to reach inaccessible places which are either dangerous or costly, drones have enabled humans to do much more than possible thoughts. The rise of drones is so speedy that a study, predicts the emerging global market for business services using drones will be over $127B. As more companies are looking to capitalize on the commercial opportunities and investment in the space

Today Drones are used for data capturing, mapping, goods delivery, games and in many more workflows. Let’s have a look at 10 potential areas where drones have made inroads.


As the inception of drones started with its use in defense, it is the most important area even today where drones are used. But, the technology has evolved much more. Now smaller and portable drones are being used by ground forces on a regular basis. Drones in the military are used mostly for surveillance and offensive operations. Drone like Prox Dynamics is quite famous for military use around the world, including the US Marines, the British Army, the Australian Army, and Norway’s Armed Forces for exploration.


As cameras can be mounted on drones they have now become lifesavers as well. Drones can be very useful during times of natural disaster for the surveillance of disaster-affected areas. After consequences of natural disaster, UAVs can be used to assess damage, locate victims, and deliver aid. In certain circumstances, they are being used to prevent disasters altogether.


As urbanization is growing up with the fast pace and with the emergence of smart cities concept all around the world, it is very important to map and survey the land which has to be developed. In this, drones have a great role to play. They can provide instant mapping and ready to use data for the purpose. Drones are also light on the budget side which can help city planners to decide which areas may benefit most from green space, without causing further congestion.


Yes, animals are not safe in the forest too.  Poaching as well as climate change have a stagy impact on the health of wildlife all around the globe. Along with many other technologies like satellite imagery, drones are now also being used to monitor and track the number of animals. UAVs are also used to tag animals and collect samples which allow conservationists to track and incarcerate poachers.

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With increasing number of life-threatening diseases, modern medicine is the need of the time to increase the life expectancy and save lives.  However, the availability is easy in urban areas, the reach of the modern medical facility is still yet time taking in rural areas. Here drones can play an important role by delivering quick access to drugs, blood, and medical technology in remote areas. Companies like Zipline International have especially designed drones to deliver medical services in rural areas throughout in countries like Africa and other remote parts of the world.


Good agriculture productivity is the backbone of many countries around the world. So, it is very important to monitor their health to expand yields.  Drones in agriculture can help farmers to gather data and automate redundant processes to maximize efficiency. They can also be used for spray medicines to kill insects impacting their health. In a process of planting crops which is tedious and equally energy-intensive, drones can ease the work by distributing seed on the land. In past drones have also been used to pollinate flowers, and in future, could prove helpful in compensating for the declining bee population.

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Climate change is real and scientists are applying all short of studies to collect the data to know the real problem and block the change.  However, most of the data is captured via satellite images, drones can also offer useful solutions that can physically follow weather patterns as they develop.  In addition, the drones are changing the method of data collection for climate change. A company called Saildrone has developed autonomous sailboat drone that can collect oceanic and atmospheric data from the ocean surface which can be used aftermath to understand the environment and imminent weather trends.


Waste management is an important task for any city to prevent diseases and also to be clean. Drones in this can help city administrators to identify where the garbage is so that it can be picked up the garbage picking vans.  Drones can be used to clean ocean waste as well. UAV like Roomba by RanMarine operates at the vanguard of these initiatives and have helped to clean oceans in past.


Drones in mining can be used for constant measurement and assessment of the physical material. With unique cameras, drones in mining can be useful in volumetric data capturing of ore, rock and minerals storage which is extremely difficult to measure manually. Airbotics drone is quite famous in mining which provides an industrial grade on-site drone solution used by mining companies for measuring materials, surveying operations, and general security. It is fully autonomous and stored in on-site housing that can swap cameras and batteries on its own.


To ensure service reliability frequent inspection of Telecommunication towers is very vital. In this drones can play an important role where they can quickly assess the damage so that repair teams could be deployed to restore service. With the advent of drone, the service has become more easy, danger-free and less time-consuming.

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