Year 2010: In Retrospect

Year 2010: In Retrospect


1. A 7.5 Magnitude earthquake in Bhuj, 5 killed
An earthquake measuring 7.5 on Richter scale hit Bhuj, which killed 5 people and around 50 are said to be seriously injured.

2. Disinvestment plans for Survey of India Ltd. announced
Survey of India Ltd., a Government of India owned company, having a turnover of around 10,000 crores is having a dream run on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. The government is looking at divesting its stakes in this company, but the oppo-sition parties are obstructing this process on the grounds that the government can’t afford to let its money minting company go. Some other companies in the government fold e.g. NRSA Ltd., Geological Survey of India Ltd., already mak-ing huge profits are also in the agenda for this year’s disinvestments plans.

3. ESRI launches Indian Language version of its products
ESRI, a prominent player in the GIS arena, has announced that it is going to launch Indian language versions of software in GIS. They are starting with Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada and Oriya version to start with. According to ESRI, the Indian language suite sells are expected to bypass many other language versions of its products in the next two years. ESRI, which had shifted its headquarters from Redlands to Hyderabad last year, so that it could be closer to its biggest customers, said this was the first step towards ‘Indianisation’ of its products.

4. China imposes sanctions on arms sale to US
China has imposed ban on high-tech arms sale to US. The Chinese premier office has stated that unless US improves its human rights records and stops interfering in the internal activities of its neighbouring countries, it will be not be able to purchase high-tech arms and computers from Chinese companies.

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