XV NDC-User Interaction Meet

XV NDC-User Interaction Meet


Saurabh Mishra
[email protected]
The 15th NRSA Data Center (NDC) – User Interaction Meet was organized on 2nd and 3rd of February in Hyderabad. The whole event consisted of four parts – the Pre-conference tutorials, the three sessions of Presentations by NRSA / NDC officials and their products users, the Exhibition and a User-Feedback session.

The first day of the Meet started with the welcome address by R Joseph Arokiadas, Group Head, NDC who along with welcoming the participants of the event gave an overview of the tutorials. The first tutorial was on High Resolution Data Availability and Utilization and the second on Microwave Data Availability and Utilization. Since the Department of Space shall be providing high-resolution (HR) data, the launch of CARTOSAT 1 & 2 being in the offing, the tutorial on HR data focused on the policies, availability, processing, applications, etc. Similarly, the tutorial on microwave data was based on the fact that the satellite-based microwave data utilization has made an encouraging beginning the past few years with the commencement of ERS 1 & 2, RADARSAT data dissemination. Also, the country has plans of launching RISAT. The tutorials were inaugurated by P S Roy, Dy. Director (RS & GIS), NRSA. The tutorials covered:

HR data availability and utilization

  • Remote Sensing Data policy and Ordering procedures
  • Indian Remote Sensing Programme
  • Precision Processing of High Resolution Data
  • High Resolution Data for Large Scale Mapping
  • Utility Planning and Urban Management
  • Map Updation
  • ALTM Data and DEM Extraction

Microwave data availability and its utilization

  • Microwave Data Availability & Ordering Procedures
  • RISAT Programme
  • Radar Interferometery, Differential Interferometery
  • Radar Applications

Demonstration on browsing and web-based order processing was also made. The Exhibition was inaugurated by K M M Rao, Dy. Director (DP), NRSA. Stalls were put up by:

  • Antrix Corporation, Bangalore
  • ASTS, Bangalore
  • Digital Globe
  • ERDAS India Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad
  • GIS Development, NOIDA
  • National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation, Kolkata
  • Rolta India Ltd, Hyderabad
  • Satcom Technologies Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Speck SpatialTech Ltd., Hyderabad
  • Sierra Atlantic S/W Services Ltd., Hyderabad

The day ended with Vendor Presentations made by Antrix Corp., Satcom Technologies, Speck SpatialTech, Sierra Altantic, ERDAS India and ASTS.

  • The inaugural session on day two had presentations made by S Raghunathan, Dy. Director (DA-S), NRSA and K R Sridharmurthy, ED, Antrix Corp. Raghunathan gave the highlights of the different satellite programmes that NRSA is working on; Sridharmurthy, on the other hand informed the audience how Antrix has been collaborating with different countries on satellite launches and trying to maximize the use of satellites for welfare purposes. The session ended with vote of thanks by K P R Menon, Manager (BD), NDC. Following were the presentations made in the course of the day:
  • First session
    • Status report of satellite data dissemination – D Chandrasekharan
    • Future IRS missions – Data products & User services – R Joseph Arokiadas
    • Programming user requirements – Dr N Aparna
    • Aerial data products and services – V Raghu Venkataraman
    • Value added data products – D S Jain
    • Application services – Dr K Vinod Kumar

    Second session

    • High resolution satellite data availability – D Kaveridevi
    • Space Imaging, U.S.A.
    • Radarsat, Canada
    • Digital Globe, USA

    Third session

    • Applcation potential of IRS data with specific reference to IRS-P6 and future prospects – Dr P S Roy
    • IRS P6 data applications in agriculture – Markand Oza
    • RMSI’s experience with NDC
    • Gateway to remote sensing and GIS data on river basins, nations, regions, and the world – Chandrashekhar M Birader, Prasad S. Thenkabail and Animul Islam

    The User Feedback session that did not last long was chaired by S Raghunathan.