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WorldDEMTM: New Standard of Global Elevation Models

Airbus Defence and Space in association with German Space Agency (DLR) has generated a highly accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (Hydrologically corrected DEM) having an accuracy of:

• 2 meters for Slope <20%
• 4 meters for Slope >20%
• Best and reliable DTM accuracy in comparison to other DEM available with respect to ASTER, Google and Bing
• The 2m accuracy on a global scale for any mapping project up to 1:5,000 ensures a cost benefit of over 10 times if acquired by conventional mode and also processing lag time
• Compatible with most standard RS, DIP, Photogrammetry and image viewer tools
• Easy import and export to other standalone COTS SW
• WorldDEM is the product of the TanDEM-X Mission (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurements), realised as a public private partnership (PPP) between Airbus Defence and Space and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

Accuracy of a new dimension

Pole-to-pole coverage coupled with unrivalled accuracy and quality – these are the defining characteristics of WorldDEM. The accuracy surpasses that of any global satellite-based elevation model available today.

Elevation model of choice for all global applications

Integrating WorldDEM as a reliable and precise reference layer into operations and applications provides for a single confidence scale.
• Enhanced responsiveness for defence & security missions
• Improved flight safety and efficiency
• High-quality image ortho rectification
• Reliable planning and operation of exploration projects
• Global availability enhances international cooperation
• Timely intelligence for emergency response

Unique data quality and level of detail

Airbus Defence and Space refines the DEM according to customer requirements and makes three WorldDEM products available:
WorldDEM DTM (Bare Earth Model).

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