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When Development is a Dilemma

B. S. Sokhi
Head, Human Settlement Analysis Group
Indian Institute of Remote Sensing
Dehradun – 248001
Email: [email protected]

By nature, human being always looks for a ‘better tomorrow’. That nature results the search for more and more satisfaction by means of their basic needs. From the very beginning of civilisation, man as a social being prefers to lead a social life, his sociability has encouraged them to build up settlements, side by side developed infrastructural facilities supporting more comfort and security of life. Some settlements among them enjoy less facilities while others more. Population also varies accordingly. Later with the development of transport communication facilities, the easy access to the more facilitated sites has resulted more congestion in some particular places, which are labeled as ‘urban areas’ while the others as ‘rural areas’. They differ from each other in context of environment, settlement pattern as well as infrastructural and administrative set up as a whole. The trend of urbanisation is growing up, at the same time complexities are increasing more and more. How the areas are grown up along with socio-economic problems and complexities are presented here in a pictorial format.

Cartoon 1: Look at the Beginning
Cartoon 2: Unlimited Population versus limited Land
Cartoon 3: The Jungle of bricks
Cartoon 4: Urban Chaos
Cartoon 5: “… to fetch a pale of water”
Cartoon 6: Fight for fresh air
Cartoon 7: Out of control
Cartoon 8: ‘Busy as a Bee’: Urban life in this millenium
Cartoon 9: Till”Hope Floats”