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What are the key trends driving the geospatial industry?

Stimulated by a range of new global shifts, the balance of power between existing and new players is shifting drastically as the geospatial industry moves towards innovation, convergence and transformation. And like all industries across the world, the geospatial services ecosystem is shaken and stirred. In this changing scenario, industry leaders surely have lot to do, and say.

To capture their outlook on technology landscape, changing business models and transformation, the Geospatial World reached out to a host of industry leaders from across the world, covering all seven continents. The aim was also to reach out to a mix of companies, in terms of technologies as well as revenues. Out of these, 53 select leaders are featured in our annual edition. From the survey certain key trends that are driving the geospatial industry have emerged. These are presented below.

geospatial industry key trends