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  • Canada Centre for Remote Sensing https://www.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/
  • Global Climate Change information Program
  • Bibliography on Environmental risk and Decision making with GIS
  • Natural Disaster Reference Database
  • WinWeather https://www.igsnet.com/igs

The first Indian State to post a page on the Net is Andhra Pradesh. The State hopes the site (www.andhrapradesh.com) will help attract investments, and allow to source information from it as well as post applications to it.

The Department of Electronics (DoE) aims to create awareness about the electronic industry in India and its role in the development of electronics in the country through its home page (www.doe.gov.in).

The legend goes like this: “Ubar, a rich and fabulous trading Centre of ancient Arabia, rose out of the desert and then mysteriously vanished into the desert and then mysteriously vanished into the sands…”. The city is mentioned in the Koran. NASA’s Observatorium demonstrates how technology helped solve the age-old mystery of Ubar. World Wide Web:

Oxfam’s recently launched Web site at www.onewo.rid.org/oxfam aims to create and inform a global movement of people taking action against poverty.

The Department of Tourism’s Web site was launched last month, providing basic information about India, including physical features, climate, tourist attractions, travel requirements, Indian cuisine, shopping and trekking. At

IndiaSoft Internet Services, Rajkot, Gujarat, will provide free coverage on the net to all non-government organisations in Asia, through a dedicated Web site (https://www.ngoasia.org ). *The National institute of Scientific Communication (NISCOM), under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, has placed three of its biology journals on the Internet. NISCOM publishes 14 scientific journals.