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We will continue to focus on high-end products… rather than LBS

Hitoshi Ito

Q. What is the philosophy of SOKKIA as a company, its objectives and product portfolios?

A.We aim for the highest accuracy and precision in our products. Our main product categories are GPS, Total Stations, Digital Theodolites (DT) and Levels, and we have recently introduced instruments with automatic measurement capabilities within these categories.

Our business is growing from being a surveying instrument manufacturer to include positioninginstruments as well as focusing on measurement accuracy and measuring the sensors themselves.

Q. How has SOKKIA witnessed changes in the Geospatial domain (more and easy access to data, demand for accuracy, developments in IT, land surveying to present 3D scanning, etc.)?

A.We aim for the highest accuracy based on our Total Station, DT and GPS technology. Our recent GIR1600 is an example of the application of our base technology for the GIS and positioning market. GIS is a vast market and we focus on the data collection aspect of it through our surveying and positioning equipment. Another way SOKKIA is responding to increased demands for accuracy is the MONMOS 3D Coordinate Measuring System for the emerging industrial measurement market. MONMOS provides a flexible solution for monitoring applications even during construction. We consider the industrial measurement industry to be a key market ahead and MONMOS is part of our strategy to expand from surveying to positioning and GIS.

Q. In terms of technology what initiatives has SOKKIA made in the GIS mobile mapping segment?

A. We continue to supply products that have both GPS and GIS attribute capturing capabilities and support images/magazines/2008/july. We have entered into a business partner relationship with ESRI to better understand the needs of GIS mapping community. We also have created a Geospatial Technology Information division in 2005. Prior to 2005 we had already started to prepare the delivery of products that support ESRI products such as ArcGIS and ArcPAD.

Currently we are developing extensions that support postprocessed DGPS and are provide increased accuracy.

Our software provides unique and original solution for georeferenced imagery and is competitive with respect to accuracy.

Q.How is the issue of interoperability dealt with – among SOKKIA products and between SOKKIA’s products and that of others?

A.We understand that some of our data formats are unique to SOKKIA. We entered into a business partnership with ESRI to increase the useability of our product, but we need to collaborate with others in the industry in order to develop solutions that are compatible with each other and are based on standards such as those developed by the OGC.

Q.Does company plan to enter into applications development sector for different areas?

A. Our company primarily focuses on the production of advanced hardware sensors and basic data collection and analyzing capabilities. Different applications call for different methods of data collection, monitoring and analysis which is why our users can expand our products to include special technological advances with support from both SOKKIA and our partners.

Q.Will SOKKIA make an entry in small scale asset management in the LBS market?

A. The main emphasis of asset management in the LBS market is placed on compact instrument size over accuracy and precision.

SOKKIA will continue to focus on high-end products offering precision and accuracy rather than on the smaller and less accurate GPS receivers for the LBS market. We will, however, continue our constant effort to make our high-end products as compact as possible.

Q.What is SOKKIA’s strategy for different regions viz. Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America?

A. Cadastral mapping, environmental management, large scale asset management, surveying and construction are key emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and it will be our objective to cater to all of these segments in these regions in terms of hardware, software and technical support. Our focus for the American and European markets will be to maximize our market size across all of the application sectors.