We are observing increasing interest in the publication of intelligent maps on...

We are observing increasing interest in the publication of intelligent maps on the Web


Rolta has been a pioneer in spreading awareness about GIS technology in India since the early stages of development of the technology.K.K.Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, Rolta India Limited
Chairman & Managing Director, Rolta India Limited

  • Rolta has been a pioneer in spreading awareness about GIS technology in India since the early stages of development of the technology. What were the possible reasons for Rolta to choose this field when awareness about the field was practically non-existent especially in India?

    Rolta had the vision to envisage the shape of things to come and the courage to take calculated risks. Thus, it embarked on data processing in early 80’s when even import of computers posed a major hurdle in the country. Having been responsible for the installation of some of the major Digital Mapping / Cartographic systems in the country, it was able to envision the growth of GIS in the country and take decisive steps in promoting the technology in association with Intergraph.

  • Since its inception in 1981, Rolta has been associated with Intergraph. The recent agreements signed between Rolta and Autodesk seems to suggest that probably Rolta is looking for new grounds. Please comment.

    Rolta has a robust business model. It offers Mapping / GIS solutions from Intergraph, in the domestic market. Internationally, Rolta offers services in the Mapping / GIS arena, on any platform which its valued customers / clients demand. In the area of AM/FM, Autodesk – Vision is one of the solutions of choice. Rolta-Autodesk relationship, is aimed at offering AUTODESK-VISION services worldwide.

  • Rolta has been a major success with the defence sector of the country. How and Why?

    Rolta and Intergraph have a long association in the Defence sector. Intergraph has been a major provider of solutions to the defence sector worldwide. In the country, Rolta has developed an in-depth understanding of the Indian defence requirements. It has committed substantial resources which have enabled Indian defence to fully exploit the capabilities of the solutions, under demanding conditions.

  • How successful have you been in exporting your services in GIS and what are your future plans in this direction?

    Rolta has been very successful in exporting its AM/FM and GIS services world wide. It is rated as “One of the Top 5 AM/FM andGIS global service providers” (London Financial Times). Its contribution to exports, was recognised by the Government of India, when the Prime Minister awarded Rolta the “National Export Award for Outstanding Performance”, in February ’99.

  • In India you have been with the GIS market since the beginning. What were the major changes you witnessed and what trends do you foresee in the geospatial markets in the coming years?

    We have observed a clear shift from low-value map digitisation, to the creation of Digital Catrographic Databases. Such databases form the foundation for all value added GIS applications in the country. Further we are observing increasing interest, in the publication of intelligent maps on the Web, which can be accessed by a large variety of map users.

  • The buzzword in today’s techo-savvy world is Internet. Apart from being an ISP, what other plans does Rolta have in becoming a major player in the e-segment of the Industry?

    Rolta has plans for becoming a major player in e-business segment of the market place. In this market, Rolta would leverage its core strengths in the areas of Internet Services, GIS, Plant and Mechanical Design.

  • Rolta opted for CAD/CAM services in 1985, which proved to be decisive in Rolta’s venture into GIS field and which has presently become its flagship service. Can its venture into the Internet field be called another landmark decision which will eventually lead to Rolta being known for its Internet Services rather than for GIS?

    In keeping with its track-record for envisioning the forthcoming changes, Rolta has ventured into the Internet / e-business domain in a decisive fashion. As the convergence of technologies take place, it is likely that Rolta would be known as the preferred, provider of e-services globally.