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‘We are constantly engineering products for India in India’

Manish Choudhary
Managing Director, Pitney Bowes Inc.

Sue McKinney
VP, WW Engineering, Pitney Bowes Inc.

Pitney Bowes is investing significantly in India which has grown to become the largest centre for the company outside the US. Read on to know more about the company”s India journey and plans for the India market

From single-digit employees in 2007 to 600 plus in 2011 – in just four years, Pitney Bowes has witnessed tremendous growth in India. What has been the journey like and what has contributed to this success?
In 2007, we started our operations in India by establishing direct presence here. And within five years, operations have scaled up to become a strategic R&D center for Pitney Bowes Inc. with significant engineering capabilities and competencies that are instrumental in bringing immense value to PB Inc. The center is now an integrated office with not only R&D but also Global Professional Services, Global Tech Support and Global User Experience teams which gives us access to worldwide customers and global markets.

We are continually reiterating our focus in India through additional investments in opening of new R&D location in Pune. This centre will be the development hub of its global portfolio, including Volly™ – a digital mailbox solution. In India, there are expansions in the product portfolio by adding more technological developments, specially catered and designed for the Indian market. India is a fast growing economy and it is critical to bring the right innovation at the right time. Innovative product development and engineering services are the cornerstones of any company with global aspirations and we expect the current expansion in Pune to further Pitney Bowes’ goal to lead the way in customer communication technology locally, regionally and globally. Our teams here have contributed to this since 2007 and we will continue to strengthen our team to achieve more.

What are your product offerings for the Indian market?
There is a commitment to offer the maximum from our global portfolio to the Indian market. We are working with the local sales team to understand the market requirements and there is a potential for a variety of offerings in India and SAARC region. Current offerings include flagship products like MapInfo suite, Spectrum, Data management solutions, Portrait Customer Analytics and so on. We offer solutions to telecom, banking and insurance enterprises as well as public sector.

Are there any customisations for the Indian market?
We definitely respect the maturity of emerging markets like India and do not just take a box product without understanding the local market and its unique requirements. We are serious about solving a problem and then develop solutions based on the understanding of the problems of these regions. We have established a User Experience team to research and get closer to the Indian market, understand customer needs to make sure we build the right offering for the market.

We understand that your core target audience in India for the geospatial solutions is the telecom sector. How is it benefiting from location-based services/solutions?
Telecom is indeed one of our core target audience in India. 9 out of 10 telecom companies in India are our customers in some form or the other. Our GIS products like MapInfo Professional are heavily used by the largest network telecom providers in India.

You are exploring opportunities in working with the government in India. Can you tell us more about it?
India’s e-governance market is growing rapidly with the Government and other public utilities opening its purse strings to invest in technology and PB Software with its in depth expertise in this segment, plans to leverage and tap this market. Other areas that we work with the Government is with law enforcement agencies, water boards, PWDs and other civic bodies, mining & exploration ministry and so on. Our solutions integrate various innovations such as data management, location intelligence, and sophisticated predictive analytics to acquire end to end approach for operational efficiencies.

PB is strengthening its R&D activities in India. How is it benefiting India operations? Are there any solutions that have been created by the India centre for global customers?
The fact that India forms a very significant R&D strength in worldwide engineering showcases the country’s importance in Pitney Bowes growth strategy. All the products being developed out of India are global. We are working on very strategic projects for enterprises, SMBs as well consumer internet. For example, Spectrum is a single platform that integrates quality data, location intelligence and decisive customer insight. It’s a master data management tool which is being sold worldwide successfully and being developed out of Noida.

The new centre in Pune will work towards making our portfolio more relevant to customers and the center will allow PB to expand capacity for local and global business demands. This centre will be the development hub of its global portfolio, including Volly™ – a digital mailbox solution. Australia Post has selected the Volly™ secure digital delivery system to power the Australia Post Digital Mailbox service that is planned to roll out to households across Australia later this year. Our Pune based team will ensure the seamless delivery of this solution to its global customer and continue to build the solution for Australia Post’s operational efficiency.

What are the future prospects in this space?
Worldwide, e-Commerce offers significant opportunities for Pitney Bowes. Cross Border e-Commerce is defining e-Commerce 2.0, which essentially means a boost in international trade and increasing sophistication in shipping. Our products are working towards enhancing transparency and trying to create the first possible “perfect” market driven by demand.

Geocoding is also the next big thing for us. Our best of breed geocoding technology will provide Facebook developers and ultimately their users, high-performance, high-precision location processing, across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms. This is a great example of the kinds of solutions Pitney Bowes is developing to help our customers deliver more personalised, relevant communications to their customers.

In March 2011, Pitney Bowes Software announced that it will invest over Rs. 500 crore between 2011-2014. What is the investment earmarked for India? What are the areas in which it is investing? How much investment has been made so far?
Pitney Bowes Inc. has made significant investments in India in the last few years. We believe that India has one of the best talent pools in the world; it is considered that India will have almost 25% of global workforce by 2025. It”s not just the potential market we are looking at but also a place with exceptional talent pool and global reach.