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User satisfication is our mission

Super Wang, CEO, SuperGeo
Super Wang

What do you envision for geospatial in the future? What role will SuperGeo play in achieving this vision?
Individuals, companies, nations, governments and organisations in dissimilar fields will need to rely on geospatial technologies to solve problems more easily and make better decisions. These problems, either in nature or in humanities, such as environment, resource development, economy, health, etc., are all closely connected to people’s lives. SuperGeo products are developed in this direction. We would like to develop state-of-the-art geospatial techniques, keep improving our software, and make it applicable to every user and help them create nicer environment as well as make better decisions.

What would be the most conducive environment for your vision to fructify?
Branding is crucial to our development in this industry. We wish that all the users could know there is a very good geospatial solution to fulfill their needs and help their work with much more reasonable cost. To become a worldwide famous GIS brand and provide the best choice for geospatial users are the goals that we would like to achieve in the near future. In addition, we will keep recruiting talent to develop good products and expand our global territory. People are the most significant asset for SuperGeo; we have hired talented people from related fields such as GIS, geography, IT, biology, engineering, and business.

What do you expect from the stakeholder community – be it government, users or research and academia?
Based in Taiwan, SuperGeo takes significant market share in the local GIS market. Among our clientele, the government plays a very important part. The subsidy and awards from Taiwan government also motivate us for further enhancement. We will keep doing our job and hope to honour the country too. At the same time, we hope government could encourage us to develop better products by offering more subsidies to us. Taking good care of user requests is our mission.

The second biggest proportion of our clientele is research and academia. We are supported by many professors and researchers in many countries; our software has assisted them in related research work too.

By collaborating closely with the faculty, researchers and students, we have also learned the most advanced research and theories. There are precious resources and references for Super- Geo. We would then employ the pioneering studies to understand the latest techniques and also develop more solutions that could benefit the future development and research for geospatial area.

In Taiwan, we publish TGIS, the only GIS Journal in Taiwan. The studies and articles are collected from noted teaching and research institutes in Taiwan. These publications also help the application and development of GIS. In the future, we would collect articles from worldwide users and deliver useful publications to avail GIS applications.

What is the role that we (GIS Development) can play in making geospatial community go citius, altius, fortius?
We expect GIS Developmentto provide more opportunities for exposure and development. We would like to learn and grow with GIS Development, our unique and important partner.