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Unshackle the Maps

Maps, the lifeline of any GIS, have been under continued shortage in the South Asian region. Call it the colonial legacy, false sense of security by map restrictions or just the beauracratic lethargy, it is cruel fact that obtaining maps has remained to be the most difficult part on any GIS implementation in the region. In the past you have seen us dealing with issues like Right to Information (November-December, 1997), National Policy on Data Dissemination (September-October, 1998), Digital Mapping Laws in India (November-December, 1998) and many other regular columns like Data, Policy, Census, Governance etc., which have direct or indirect overtones of difficulty regarding procurement of maps in the region.

Now, [email protected], have the mission to make life of a GIS user in this region, a little bit easier, has taken this issue head-on. We are committed to raise the map-related awareness so that the policy makers of the region are able to take more informed decision about the map policies in their respective countries.

To achieve this objective, we are introducing a new section called ‘UNSHACKLE THE MAPS!’, which will try to highlight the major policy bottlenecks in each of South Asian countries regarding the maps. We invite our esteemed readers who have faced difficulties in procuring maps related to there sphere of operations, to write to us and share their experiences. We have featured several contributions from such individuals in the past and we would like to gratefully acknowledge their spirit that has motivated us to begin this endeavor

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