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Training Workshop on ‘Urban Disaster Mitigation’

A one-week training workshop on ‘Urban Disaster Mitigation’ was organised by Human Settlement Management Institute (HSMI) in New Delhi (from February 21 – 25, 2000). The coordinator of the training programme was Taronjot Kaur Gadhok, Senior Fellow of HSMI. In all, 29 participants joined the programme from different government and non-government organisations. The focus was on an overall discussion of the disasters that frequently hit the urban areas; a special attention was drawn to the urban disasters of India as well as their probable solutions.

In the inaugural session, V. Suresh, the Chairman and Managing Director of HUDCO, Kulwant Singh, Executive Director of HSMI, Lolita Gorcia of Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) and S. S. Chattopadhyay, a member of National Task Force gave a brief overview of various disasters as well as the significance of the training programme in context of the vulnerability of the urban areas. At the end of the training programme there was a panel discussion on the topic ‘Disasters to Development’. Certificates were given to the participants during the validiction. The entire programme was quite relevant and informative which brought together on a common platform to the experts from various sectors. There was an arrangement for a site visit for the Yamuna floodplain on the second day of the programme that helped to gather some practical knowledge of field visit, too. An exercise given to the participants to gauge their opinions and suggestions regarding the hazards associated with the Yamuna floodplain brought a better platform of interchange of views among the experts.