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TomTom – Via 125 car navigation for India

Via 125 - Via series - TomTom for India

The influx of cars on Indian roads, improved road infrastructure and connectivity has enhanced the driving experience in the country. To further boost this experience, TomTom offers the VIA Series Portable Navigation Devices which are loaded with features specifically catering to the Indian driving culture. These portable navigation devices enable a user to seamlessly navigate across cities without having to worry about the cost.

The TomTom VIA-125 is designed & localised for the Indian consumer, keeping in mind TomTom global standards. With the Landmark Navigation feature, drivers can search for the nearest landmark, whether a monument, park or an attraction in a simple way, and let their portable navigation device show them the route. The Map Share technology enables drivers to keep the TomTom map on their device up-to-date with immediate changes in their area. Dynamic road changes, such as changed speed limits, new street names, blocked roads and new traffic directions can be updated directly on the device. Drivers then have the choice to share those road changes with TomTom and the broader Map Share community.

Furthermore, IQ Routing feature helps one to efficiently calculate routes. This innovative technology is based on actual average speed data, rather than permitted speed limits. Devices with IQ Routes plan a route by analysing all possible routes and then selecting the one that takes the least time based on recent historical data. This results in a faster route, and saves money by significantly reducing travel time and
fuel usage.

This intelligent routing technology is based on historical speed data collected anonymously from millions of TomTom users worldwide who voluntarily provide us with speed-data from their journeys.

Special features

• Hands-free calling: Now you can make and answer phone calls safely while driving, making you in control and in touch. Access entire phone book and call log information.

  • Landmark navigation: TomTom maps feature all the monuments, chowks, parks or attractions one needs to find. Wherever you need to be, search for the nearest landmark.
  • Map of India: One can get more detailed points of interest. It provides coverage of more than 7300 cities and towns across India.
  • Spoken street names: Helps one to get turn by turn directions with instructions in navigation in over 13 local Indian languages (apart from Indian English).
  • Frequent destinations: You can choose icons for your most frequent destinations (up to 99) and add your own text. This makes your navigation experience truly your own with even easier and quicker navigation to the places you go most often.