The Shock Proof Scanner

The Shock Proof Scanner


Reprographics India has developed a large format imaging solution, Repro Scan Rugged A0 Scanner

Reprographics India is offering Indian armed forces its indigenously developed large format imaging/scanning solution, Repro Scan Rugged A0 Scanner. “What we are offering is a commercially available product customised to meet military requirements,” said Rakesh Luthra, Director Marketing, Reprographics India. “The imaging module scanner is from Colortrac UK, and is enclosed in a light weight metallic rugged case which can withstand temperature, water, vibration and is shock proof.” It conforms to the military standards.

The scanner comes with a new single sensor digital imaging technology which is a Colortrac invention (patent pending) that combines CIS technology in a single line array with a full width straight line image sensor of 43,200 pixels. It has a bi-directional long-life LED lighting system for optimum object illumination and Instant-On scanning. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs have no warm-up time and only illuminate while scanning, hence they have an estimated working life of 50,000 hours or over 5 years continuous scanning. “Since we are using LEDs, power consumption is also very less, hardly 53 watts, and hence it can run on home generators as well,” explains Luthra.

The maximum image length using SmartWorks EZ Touch is 96” (2,438mm). The maximum resolution and size for a SmartWorks Pro image is limited by the file format specified, the available disk space and the computer operating system. The scanner is capable of handling A4 to AO size document scanning, high volume scanning in networked environment, integrating with existing and futuristic environment and uses friendly solution to handle given scanning tasks. Other specifications are listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Specifications

Table 2: The product has been designed to meet the military standards

The scanner is reasonably priced and has been offered to MI-17,” said Luthra, who added that the product has been designed in a manner that makes it maintenance free.

The company has also responded to the RFI issued for Plotters by MI-17 recently.