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The role of aerial Photography in GIS operations



The role of aerial Photography in GIS operations

Daniel Lago

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Factors of GIS being crucial in governance need not be re-emphasised.this is further justified in sustainable development.
In our African situations where conflicts are are based on Natural resources,negotiations equally factor on the very Natural Resources.,surrounded by and punctuated by Physical features.
Negotiating for projects and giving proposalsout of all such need some digital or electronicillustrationsto satisfy boards or jury that decides on approvals.These are on maps and directions.this is where AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY becomes handy.
Our key refrence here is the Ruma National Park Ecosystem and basin.During a regional conference on GNSS in Lusaka,zambia in June this year,lack of illustrative map was a disgrace to our paper.
We need simpler and cheaper technologies to help us in making maps.
PHOTO MAP East Africa finds the excercise expensive even to governments, and to small groups, it becomes more expensive.
Please Technology developers for this purpose must bridge this service as internet has equally revolutionised communication.